• Puzzle 2 – Patronizare

    Puzzle 2 Answer: Click here: Decrypting Patronizare to view the documentation on how to solve Puzzle 2 – Patronizare. Puzzle 2 Winners: Congratulations to the following participants who successfully solved Puzzle 2 – Patronizare: … Read More

  • Puzzle 1 – Genesis

    Use your hacking skills to solve puzzle 1 – Genesis. Puzzle Hint: What you seek, that you must find, can only be deduced, using steghide. Puzzle Answer: Click here: Decrypting-Genesis to see the technical documentation on how to solve Puzzle 1 … Read More

  • Congratulations to our winning teams!

    Congratulations to team ISEAGE from Iowa State University for winning 1st place at Argonne’s first ever Cyber Defense Competition!   We would also like to congratulate our 2nd place winners, team BINAGT from the University of Northern Iowa, and our 3rd place winners, team UIUC from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Special … Read More

  • Stay connected for future puzzles

    We’re sad to say our puzzles challenges have now come to an end, but even bigger challenges are soon to come with the launch of Argonne’s inaugural Cyber Defense Competition in just 4 short days! Visit us on April 23rd to see 8 student teams take on the … Read More

  • Cybersecurity affects us everyday. Here’s where you can learn more about it.

    Cybersecurity affects us all. In the U.S. alone, we lose $100 billion annually to cyber crime, and an estimated 556 million people fall victim to cyber crimes every year. Curious to know how these attacks are prevented and how your information is kept safe? Check … Read More

  • Answer to Puzzle No.2

    Congratulations to the following two teams for solving our latest puzzle: 1st place – FireTeamKernel, University of Illinois at Chicago Erik Thorsen Oliver Hui Wesley Clark Janki Patel Daniel Moreno Michael Baccia 2nd place – CyberFlyers, Lewis University Brandon White … Read More

  • Puzzle #2

    We’ve got another puzzle for you, one that will put your hacking skills to the test. Let the game begin. Puzzle #2 To access the puzzle, download the link above. If the file does not download automatically, right-click on the link and select “Save Link As.” … Read More

  • See cyber defense skills in action

    With an estimated 1.5 million cyber attacks take place every year – 4,000 attacks per day! – the need for people with the skills to fight off cyber intrusions is higher than ever. Come see these skills in action and learn more about the cyber … Read More

  • Answer to Puzzle #1 and Winners

    Curious to see how Puzzle 1 can be solved? Click below for the answer: Answer to Steganography cipher puzzle challenge We would also like to congratulate the following team from Lewis University for solving our puzzle: Steven Day Brandon White Joe Casalino Byron … Read More

  • Puzzle #1

    We are looking for individuals who are up for our challenge. We have devised a test. There is a clue hidden in the puzzle below. Answer to this puzzle from last year is located here. Read More

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