April 2017 Rule Set

  • Each team must have 3-6 students.
  • One faculty mentor must be present at Argonne National Laboratory the day of the competition.
  • Faculty members cannot provide any assistance to their teams on the day of the competition.
  • Teams are required to have the following active at all times, unless noted:
    • Website/Web Server
    • Help Desk
    • Email Server
    • File Server
    • Active Directory Server (provided)
    • Human Machine Interface (HMI), and
    • Industrial Control System (ICS).
  • Blue teams will not lose points for a Red team compromise of a honey pot in the event the honeypot is clearly defined and documented in the required documentation. If any deterrent or honey pot is compromised and valid documentation was not provided it is assumed that it was a production system and as such the blue team points will be reduced.
  • Team documentation (white and green) is due to by no later than March 24, 2017. Early submission is encouraged, as teams will receive feedback. Any documentation submitted after will have a reduction in points.

Updates to Rules


**Update to Pangea Fiscal Year Funding**

The Dont’s

  • Do not change any port numbers provided.
  • Do not change any OS that is provided. There is ONE caveat to this:
    • OS can be patched but no major version upgrades can occur.
  • Do not tamper with any other team’s hardware.
  • Do not change or delete any user information provided.
  • Do not utilize any software that requires a license. All software must be open source and free.
  • Do not physically tamper with any other team’s physical boxes.
  • Do not perform offensive actions toward other teams or the Argonne network.
  • Do not touch the box or any configurations for the “Scoring” box (location box TBD).

The Do’s

  • Teams must set up and maintain DNS.
  • Teams must set up and maintain NTP.
  •  We encourage innovative defense strategies, but keep in mind the requirements of open source.
  • All site functionality must remain the same throughout the competition.
  • You may add more users/employees to your LDAP.
  • User passwords can be changed but must be clearly documented.
  • Any port number changes must be emailed to no later than March 24, 2017.
  • Any IP address changes must be updated in DNS. Please inform of any changes.


2016 Team Guidelines

Below are the 2016 team guidelines for the Blue, Red, Green, and White teams for the prior competition.


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