2016 Competition

  • Answer to Puzzle No.2

    Congratulations to the following two teams for solving our latest puzzle: 1st place – FireTeamKernel, University of Illinois at Chicago Erik Thorsen Oliver Hui Wesley Clark Janki Patel Daniel Moreno Michael Baccia 2nd place – CyberFlyers, Lewis University Brandon White … Read More

  • Answer to Puzzle #1 and Winners

    Curious to see how Puzzle 1 can be solved? Click below for the answer: Answer to Steganography cipher puzzle challenge We would also like to congratulate the following team from Lewis University for solving our puzzle: Steven Day Brandon White Joe Casalino Byron … Read More

  • Puzzle #1

    We are looking for individuals who are up for our challenge. We have devised a test. There is a clue hidden in the puzzle below. Answer to this puzzle from last year is located here. Read More

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