Congratulations to the following Argonne CDC April 2017 Collegiate Competitors:

  1. Dakota State University
  2. Governors State University
  3. Indiana Tech
  4. Indiana University
  5. Iowa State Univeristy
  6. John A Logan College
  7. Kansas State University
  8. Lewis University
  9. Southern Methodist University
  10. St. John’s University
  11. University of Central Florida
  12. University of Illinois at Chicago
  13. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  14. University of Northern Iowa
  15. Wright State University


Student Eligibility

  • Community colleges, colleges and universities are eligible.
  • All students must be a student of the institution they are representing.
  • Students may only be a member of one team.

Team Eligibility

  • Each team can have up to six (6) students registers with a minimum of four students to compete.
  • Once the competition has begun, a team must complete the competition with the team that started the competition. Substitutions, additions, or removal of team members are prohibited except for extreme circumstances.
  • Each team will designate a Team Captain and Co-Captain, who will act as the team liaison between the competition staff and the team. One of these individuals must be present in the team space during the competition.

Check out the prior competitions page for the list of last years competitors.

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