There are a number of volunteer opportunities. Below are the different areas we are looking to fill for the event:

Technical Volunteers:

Red Team Members:
Position Summary:

This team comprises of individuals that have a technical background in IT and will play the role of “hackers”

Goal: This team’s primary goal is to disrupt the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the Blue Team.
Requirements: 25+ individuals with experience in penetration testing of IT systems.
Volunteer Time Commitment:

Setup: (8 hours) Red Team members are allowed time to scan the competition network for reconnaissance. Absolutely no attacks can be performed.

Competition: Red Team members will attempt to penetrate the system for the majority of the competition (~8 hours).

Incentive: In exchange for your time commitment, Argonne can provide CPE credits for continuing education.

Non-technical Volunteers:

Green Team Members:
Position Summary: This team plays the role of a typical business user and can be made up of users with a variety of skill sets.
Goal: Green Team members are in charge of judging usability and availability of the Blue Team’s system.
Requirements: Green Team members must have the ability to use a computer in order to check email and browse a website.
Volunteer Time Commitment: ~2 hour time commitments
Incentive: Green Team members will provide vital availability testing for Blue Team systems.

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